Featured Speakers

Petra Page-Mann

Friday, Oct 7th, 5-9
The evening promises to be an exciting adventure into the future of organics in NYS.

5:00 PM - a light dinner will be served.
6:00 PM - panel discussion "Farm to Market: Issues and Challenges" with:

  • facilitator: Tom Szulist of Singer Farms Naturals
  • farmer Jim Bittner, owner of Bittner-Singer Farms
  • grocer Tim Bartlett, General Manager of Lexington Coop
  • school-lunch representative Bridget O'Brien-Wood, Buffalo Public School Director of Food Service
  • farmers' market representative Erwin Rakoczy, board member of Clarence Hollow Farmer's Market,
  • Native plant consultant Ken Parker, Food is Our Medicine, Healthy First Nations
  • representing farm workers - Leonel Rosario, owner of Mariachi d’Oro Mexican Grill The panel discussion will give the rest of us a better idea of all that is involved from farm to table. What sometimes appears to be an easy solution to the outsider turns out to be rather complicated
7:00 PM - a short break
7:15 PM - Elizabeth Henderson and Liana Hoodes of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association-NY(NOFA- NY) will lead a roundtable on NY Organic Action Plan (NYOAP). NYOAP’s goal is to develop an action plan for a food and farming system that is socially just, environmentally resilient, and ripe with economic opportunities. Prior to the roundtable, This will provide a variety of perspectives.
If you have an interest in the production of organic food, this is the place to be!

Frances Moore Lappe

2016 WOYP Highlights
Our 2016 conference kicks off friday evening with a panel discussion "farm to market: Issues & Challenges" followed by a round table discussion on the future of organic in NYS. Everyone is encouraged to participate!

Saturday is loaded with speakers and events including the renowned Frances Moore Lappe presenting "The Solution is on Your Plate". In addition to Frances, we also have Petra Page-Mann talking about "Resilient Seeds in a Changing Climate".

The conference would not be complete without the incredibly delicious lunch prepared by Hallmark Catering Chef & helpers from donated local, (mostly) organic produce. Director of Dining Services, Ryan Richardson oversees this vegan lunch served on compostable, ecofriendly dishes and flatware.

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Musical Entertainment

Nan Hoffman

Nan is a singer, musician, performer, recording artist, and workshop presenter. She has been sharing music with people of all ages for more than thirty years throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Nan’s repertoire encompasses a wide range of folk songs and ballads, both contemporary and traditional, including topical, spiritual, and humorous songs. Her presentations are fun and informative, and much of her material invites audience participation.


Kevin and Sol Y Sombra, formerly known as the Latin Jazz Project, have strived to express a wide range of musical styles representing the musical heritage of multiple ethnicities embodied in the complexity of American life. Sol Y Sombra was founded by the late Anibal Hernandez in 1999 and has become a Western New York standard- bearer for Latin jazz.

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