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By: Eveline Hartz

Monsanto Antics

Here is an excellent article with updates Monsanto's new genetic technologies as well as the merging of the largest food corporations:

By: Eveline Hartz

From the Guardian: Farming mega-mergers threaten food security, say campaigners

MergersHere is an excellent article on the mergers happening in the agriculture around the world. Watch dog groups such as ETC discuss the impact on small farmers and food security in general.

By: Eveline Hartz

2nd Online Lecture from GMOWTF by Robert Schooler

Hello all,

Just a quick notice, the second lecture is online now, for all to see!
~ and the YouTube link: (apologies for the need to cut & paste)

Steven Druker is the presenter of this stellar talk, on "Genetically Engineered Foods: a History of Deception". This was incredibly well-received by the Ithaca/Cornell communities, and I think you all will enjoy it as well :)

Please share widely if you please, and subscribe to Wilton's channel as well! These videos will soon go live on my channel as well, more on that soon.

Steven will be giving next week's talk as well, so if you have any questions for him, email me and I'll try and run them by him during next week's Q/A!

Thanks to Steven, Wilton (camera/video wizard), everyone helping me in Ithaca and at Cornell, and all of you, the followers of this critically important project!


By: Eveline Hartz

Frances Moore Lappe on NPR

Here is a NPR clip from yesterday morning (9/22/16) featuring Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe talking about the food movement:

By: Eveline Hartz

Walk Your Talk, Put Your Money on the Same Path!

Monday, September 26 @ 7 p.m.
UUCA, 6320 Main St. Williamsville, 14221 (Parking/entrance in back)

From the jacket:  " A wickedly fun skewering of corporate greed, THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD is the true story of two mischief-makers who pose as the representatives of companies they despise. In this wonderfully therapeutic film, Yes Men Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno impose cosmic  (and comic) justice by any means necessary."


This is the sequel of The Yes Men Movie. The film consists of a several pranks on major corporations and governmental agencies that are performed by Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno who fancy themselves serious anti-globalization activists.
The two pose as executives from Exxon, Dow Chemical, Halliburton and the H.U.D. They give faux corporate interviews pretending to be DOW executives in which they supposedly announce setting up a $12 billion fund for the victims of the 1984 Bhopal disaster that killed 1,773 people.
The BBC fell for this prank and aired the faux interview. This caused DOW’s stock plummet. Our mindless heroes celebrate their power, but fail to realize that most of DOW’s stock is held by pension funds; in other words, regular working class retirees.
The dynamic duo conveniently found a few such victims who claimed to enjoy the hoax and its impact on DOW’s stock.
I printed out this rather negative review above because of the sentence that is highlighted. It is meant to make us feel angry towards the heroes of this film for destroying pensions of regular working class retirees - never mind what happened in Bhopal or chemical factory accidents here in the US. It separates the investor from the business practices of the company invested in. But if a person believes in any kind of social justice issue such as living wages, food diversity, peace, etc. then they had better know what companies their pension plans have invested in. In fact, no one should blindly invest in any company/401 K/mutual fund/IRA, etc. simply because of the profit to be gained. Rather than turning a blind eye, the companies an individual  is invested in need close scrutiny. This is called socially responsible investing. We walk our talk, we also need to put our money on the same path.  Come check out World on Your Plate Food and Sustainable Living Forum, Jeffrey Goldfarb from Goldfarb Financial, who along with Adam Goldfarb and Chintan Shukla, will be presenting a workshop on just that - Socially Responsible and Sustainable Investing.

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