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By: Eveline Hartz

"For Profit Philanthropy" with Jeffrey Goldfarb and Adam Goldfarb

The Goldfarb father and son team will once again present a financial workshop for World on Your Plate October 7, 2017.

When people think of philanthropy they think of the traditional means of pursuing it: private foundations, community foundations, bequests and trusts...just to name a few. However, with the rise of the millennial generation, new ways of giving back to the world are gaining momentum. One such way is the B Corp movement and all that it espouses.

Adam Goldfarb and Jeffrey Goldfarb, from Goldfarb Financial, will discuss their recent findings around the drivers of for-profit philanthropy, the benefits of it, its drawbacks and its place in the future.

Read more about Goldfarb Financial at

By: Eveline Hartz

The left is an obstacle to climate action, too. ~ By Robert R. Mitchell

A foreword by Robert Mitchell: 

NEED FOR UNITY AMONG CLIMATE ACTIVISTS (This is the title submitted.)

I'm very happy that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gave me the opportunity to express my viewpoint on a topic that is deeply troubling to me – namely, the sometimes sharp disagreement about solutions among those who want climate action. As I say in the Op-Ed, “Sadly, the quest for competing perfect climate solutions is transforming potential powerful allies into bickering adversaries.” I hope you will take the time to read this and think about it. I welcome your feedback.

The Post-Gazette made only light edits to the text I submitted. However, the editors get to write the title and introduction that precedes the text. In this case, both are pretty harsh toward the "left". The title I suggested was “The Need for Unity Among Climate Activists," which I believe is more in keeping with the content and tone of the article. No doubt their title is more interesting/provocative to potential readers!


Each of us is a test subject in the greatest science experiment of all time. We have known since the 1860s that gases like CO2 absorb heat radiation, so they act as a thermostat when released into the atmosphere. We are now turning that thermostat very hard.

The Paris accord marked the first meaningful global effort to turn down the thermostat. But far more remains to be done to avert profoundly damaging climate change. The United States worsened the situation when its president withdrew from the agreement, saying, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

Why is it that effective climate action remains such an elusive goal? read more at

By: Eveline Hartz

Monsanto Antics

Here is an excellent article with updates Monsanto's new genetic technologies as well as the merging of the largest food corporations:

By: Eveline Hartz

From the Guardian: Farming mega-mergers threaten food security, say campaigners

MergersHere is an excellent article on the mergers happening in the agriculture around the world. Watch dog groups such as ETC discuss the impact on small farmers and food security in general.

By: Eveline Hartz

2nd Online Lecture from GMOWTF by Robert Schooler

Hello all,

Just a quick notice, the second lecture is online now, for all to see!
~ and the YouTube link: (apologies for the need to cut & paste)

Steven Druker is the presenter of this stellar talk, on "Genetically Engineered Foods: a History of Deception". This was incredibly well-received by the Ithaca/Cornell communities, and I think you all will enjoy it as well :)

Please share widely if you please, and subscribe to Wilton's channel as well! These videos will soon go live on my channel as well, more on that soon.

Steven will be giving next week's talk as well, so if you have any questions for him, email me and I'll try and run them by him during next week's Q/A!

Thanks to Steven, Wilton (camera/video wizard), everyone helping me in Ithaca and at Cornell, and all of you, the followers of this critically important project!


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